You won’t sit idle, you choose long ago to prosecute the oppressors of a multi-galactic society.

Divided still after 10 thousand years from a war that ravaged five galaxies. All species live in the shadows of their former selves. Ruins of fallen galactic civilizations litter the worlds and the space between. The only thing that binds the myriad of ruling bodies together is the Amelioration, a combined fleet created to be a protectorate.

Eternal Stars is a distant future science fiction setting where the players take on the roles of a Black Operation group. There dedicated objective is to bring justice to sentient beings that have indefinitely prolonged their lifespans or individuals with resources that could threaten the stability of society. The players call themselves Arbiters, and the people they hunt Eternal Stars.

As an Arbiter you are not driven by the influence of money, but rather the conviction to correct the true issues at their source, towards the people responsible. You will inevitable come under the crossfire of hidden agendas that have lived for thousands of years, and you will make decisions for the fate of the five galaxies to remove them. How will you deal with your choices?

Eternal Stars